The weekend. 4.-5.11 we hold our first 3D design workshop for girls, while we open up, to help destitute girls, to participate.

Based on our success with DigiPippi school, we give now the 10 to 14 year old girls opportunity, to start their own way as 3D designers.

With the support of our friends at ENIGMA and Realdream, we will show the girls the fantastic 3D world, which really helps to create our entire modern society.

At the same time we are testing a new concept. Donate a room for a poor girl.

Many girls have no chance, to participate with co-payments, and we would like to do something about. For that, we need your help.

Whatever, if you have own child participating or not, you can buy a ticket to another.
We are working, providing portable too, and then can girls from all walks of life participate.

Book space For further information about the event, kontakt os på

Book a ticket for your daughter

Bring your own laptop, and remember that order breakfast!

Donate a ticket to a girl

Help a girl you do not know, and give her a gift for life

Sponsors a laptop to DigiPippi

Can you help us with a laptop to use in our workshops?