DigiPippi School

Should your school be next DigiPippi school? Then read on!

DigiPippi School is offered to girls from 2. to 7. class, where DigiPippis role models in collaboration with school teachers, focuses on raising girls' digital and technical understanding. On the girls' own terms.
Based on prior agreement with the involved schools and teachers, creating a course, that fit desired focus areas and fagmål. We use the technology, that already exist at school or in the community, as we want to support those initiatives already underway or required under way.

Digi Pippi School is NOT an externally consultant driven workshop coming, teacher and then go again. Our goal is, that survives, that Digi Pippi goes home. Therefore DigiPippi School is not just an 'upgrade’ of the girls, but an offer which also gives teachers a technical and digital skills upgrade.
When we have taught the girls over the course we encourage, they subsequently teach their schoolmates and possibly. teachers.

After completing the workshop course receives diplomas and girls can call themselves DigiPippi girls.

DigiPippi School course include:

  • Individually organized workshop course of 5×3 timer
  • teaching 2 DigiPippi role models
  • Digital and technological lift of the participating girls
  • Skill enhancement for instrumental teachers
  • Complete package with the used teaching materials for dissemination at school
  • Diploma ceremony with t-shirt for the participating girls
  • Rite, calling for DigiPippi School

For deals for your school, contact us on kontakt@digipippi.dk or call chairperson and pins Eva Fog tel.: 20215121.

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