Did you know, that girls need role models of the same sex, so they can be reflected in them?

What is a role model?

The role models are DigiPippis backbone, and without them, we would not exist.

For, to understand the importance of role models, it's good to look back to your childhood.
We have all experienced people, which has inspired us in the one or other direction. People, which has influenced the way we have chosen to live, educate ourselves and work on.

Role models of the same sex plays a particularly important role, since they are the ones we particularly see ourselves in.

DigiPippis role models are volunteers. women, working with many different subjects in many different ways.
They often have just three things in common:

  • The women are
  • De har interesse for, and are active with, technology and the digital
  • They want to show girls the options available in technology and the world digitales

It requires no previous experience with the target group or, you have teaching experience. We have mastered, and helps you 😉

What does a DigiPippi role model?

As part of the network of role models DigiPippis, you help, to shape the future for girls.

There are several different types of tasks, you can bid for as a role model.

  • Education
  • Social Media
  • general operations

  • Layout and design
  • Contributor
  • All sorts of other things

Just as we want to strengthen girls in their interests through technology, we want you to offer in there, where you have interest.
Especially teaching has great priority, where we both are active in private and in schools. We hold workshops, events and courses organized for the girls, as well as their adult.

Did you know, that many girls will back out of the use that technology, if they are not supported in the beginning?

Did you know, to you as a role model can have a direct impact on, how DigiPippi evolve?

You use the time you have

Even passionate volunteers work, family and other interests.

Therefore, there is a special time requirements associated with, being a role model.

Every 3. month receive a schedule, where you can speak out, you have time in the next quarter. Here, the already planned activities to be announced, and specific tasks will also be listed.

We all, that life happens, so it is important to sort this table. It is not possible to plan the association without knowing, how many we can heave hold of.
While we would like, we can not plan everything, and then reported to be out in our Facebook group.


What do you get out of, being a role model?

An English proverb says 'It takes a village two raise a child', and we could not agree more.

As a role model you get the opportunity, to create a better future for our girls.

You get the opportunity, to meet them it concerns – mainly girls aged 7 to 13 year, and show them all the opportunities that exist in technology and the digital.
It is extremely important to show the diversity of tek-women, and each of our role models show parts of this diversity.

You will also be part of a strong network of women.
You get the opportunity, participate in exciting projects and events.
You get the opportunity, to help the equality agenda on road.

There is about. 25 % women in technology worldwide in a 100 % technological world. As a role model, you help, To change this bias.

The work is as said volunteer, and we try to keep you completely free of cost.
We do not do this for money, but may in some cases offer less honorare the time, be placed.
However, it is usually not an option.

As a volunteer role model driven you well of desire, to do something good in this world. Not money 😉

Did you know, that there are more IT technical education in Denmark, which now has 0 % girls?

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