So it is once again time for our popular Mother and Daughter tech brunch at Enigma!

Start the day with a delicious brunch pm. 10, and at. 11 we open up with workshops, where girls can go wild.

Meet several kinds of cute and funny robots
Try meat with Scratch
HE, how good you are to Osmo
Try the cool Hopspots
Experiment with virtual reality on your mobile
and much more

Bring a tablet or mobile phone of recent date.
The price for the 3 hours 150 kr. for girls (Incl. children Brunch).
Mor (or sister, aunt, grandmother) must Brunch (Incl. beverages) for 150kr., and can be completely free to help the girls - if they bother having help 🙂

Come and meet a playful approach to technology, the girls' premises.

Within d. 22-9-2017
Write to Eva Fog

Payment: 150 kr. pr. girl and 150 kr. pr. mor.

MobilePay: 51631541
Bank transfer: 3001. Account no. 445 6637

Print “DigiPippi” in the comments of payment