Dell EMCp and DigiPippi have an Længere period worked with the purpose to inspire more girls to a future in IT. But how does it work, when a large international company like Dell EMC and a nonprofit organization that DigiPippi, must create change in the community? To get a sense of cooperation, I have had contact Julie Rosendal, Partner Marketing Manager ved Dell EMC, to hear about the organization's cooperation with DigiPippi.

Why is it important to get more women in jobs in IT?

Julie Rosendahl Dell EMC

In the conversation with Julie, it is clear, that it is our common goal, paving the way for cooperation. Both Dell and EMC DigiPippi are strongly aware of, IT becomes a bigger and bigger part of everybody's daily life. It is therefore important, that women are just as much in IT, as men. Unfortunately, there is a tendency in, that many women choose to work in other areas, rather than what is happening on the IT front - and we should like to change,"Says Julie. And it is inherent in the DigiPippis view of the gender divide in the IT front, because we believe in, that boys and girls can do different things, and that they are often attracted to a field of education or work in different ways. Together, the synergy the best results and therefore both sexes in game. But girls also play, to being designed and developed products, which speaks exactly to them! And girls do not miss the great career opportunities as IT skills can give them in adulthood. Just this expresses Julie, to cooperation between Dell and EMC DigiPippi is the key to achieving the goal.

How does Dell and DigiPippi together?

Julie tells, Dell EMC as an organization has a large number of initiatives running internationally and in Denmark, to facilitate and inspire more girls and women to work with IT. In Denmark it is largely voluntary employee groups, behind the various initiatives. In particular, three groups of employees are active in relation to. this agenda under the concept of Employee Resource Groups, which holds: 1 group with a focus on the future talents: GenNext, 1 group with a focus on women in IT industry: Women in Action og 1 group focuses on Dell EMC's overall CSR goals: Legacy of Good.

She also says that Dell EMC's and DigiPippis roads meet in connection with several of these initiatives, among other things, the residence Hylleholt, which is a to the space for teenage girls. In addition, she says:

"Dell EMC has continued for many years been present at the place, to inspire girls to take a greater interest in IT and show girls, how a job within IT may look. The girls are among other invited out on Dell EMC's office, where they are allowed to sniff, how a working day looks in IT industry. "

Image of Eva Fog, founder of DigiPippi, who teaches the girls from Hylleholt in different genres of IT.

To learn girls on applicable IT, collaborated Dell EMC and DigiPippi on a course at the destination. Here Eva, pins of DigiPippi, invited out on Hylleholt to stand for a course, where the girls learned about blogging, video distribution and, how to express themselves appropriately through IT. In this regard, the Julie particular emphasis on the way, which Dell EMC and DigiPippi cooperation, can combine knowledge from the IT industry and the educational element in an inspiring and educational programs for girls.

Julie tells enthusiastically about similar cooperation, which takes place in connection with the concept 'Open School'. Open School is about, that schools can avail of the local environment offers in external learning environments, which industries and associations have a role in teaching. Julie says that cooperation among other things helps to demystify the industry:

"Cooperation between primary and Dell EMC has been underway for some years and it bridrager among other things, to demystify it, working with an IT company like Dell EMC. So far, Dell EMC total facilitated 3 x theme weeks with IT on the agenda, and we plan to facilitate two year forward. We are in constant dialogue with the municipality of Copenhagen around Open School, specifically to ensure the best output for the kids and the best cooperation with teachers. "

In connection with Open School, visit the Dell EMC a primary school in Copenhagen area, to teach students about IT. Students are among others taught App Development and Innovation, where they receive coaching and feedback from some of Dell EMC's employees. The theme week on IT collaborated Dell EMC and DigiPippi once again on purpose to generate interest among the young girls, and here was Eva from DigiPippi out to teach the young people in IT.

Image of Claus Nørgaard, Regional Manager, Dell EMC, who teaches IT at a local primary school in Copenhagen.

What is the advantage of Dell EMC and DigiPippis cooperation?

The conversation with Julie Dell EMC gave a greater insight into, how a large international company and a non-profit organization which DigiPippi can work together on the same object. It also became clear, that you get far with such cooperation, because the combination of different skills provide a strong advantage. Once the competencies of Dell EMC and DigiPippi becomes joint forces, we can make a huge difference: "We at Dell EMC, among other things act as a credible role model within the IT industry and DigiPippi can be both educational and IT-based skills get the girls' attention and interest." This is how Julie and spells conclusion strength in, Dell EMC and DigiPippi together helps to demystify IT industry, and create awareness and interest in IT with more girls.