DigiPippis mission:

Closing the gender gap in IT, technology and the digital society. On the girls' terms.

We believe, that boys and girls can do different things, and that they are often attracted to a field of education or work in different ways. Together, the synergy creates the best results. Therefore both sexes should have equal opportunities. Our focus is in IT, technology and the digital society. Our wish is to help create and promote a society, where the benefits of the diversity are clear in the products and solutions made.

On Sat. 18. of March DigiPippi visited us Silkeborg Libraries. 25 expectant girls between 8 and 14 years attended the "Learn to be YouTuber" workshop. DigiPippi arrived with 3 adult role models and a girl the same age as our participants. The whole process was super well organized with a short introduction, then shifting to the girls working in small groups where they produced their own videos. There was enough time to work with the content of the videos and to play with different tricks in the editing phase. The pedagogical skills of role models was top notch. Karen Nørby

Librarian, Silkeborg Libraries

At the Dagmarschool, we put a lot of effort into making our students digitally formed, being creative producers, and not just consumers in the digital world. The DigiPippi project helps to support this, while giving the girls in our fourth-grade year great educational content as well as a good experience. Martin Kofoed

Deputy Headmaster, Dagmarskolen

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Events & Workshops

The DigiPippi Way – how I ended up founding DigiPippi

This is the manuscript for a talk I gave in Vilnius on November 24th., 2017. I was invited by the Reach for Change Organization in Lituania to participate in a conference about changing children’s lives and how to make system changes. I was asked to talk about how I came to create DigiPippi and thereby started to change the system. It became quite a personal talk about how my life through good and bad lead me to a place where the chance for change was possible.

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