There are many times in a young girl's life, where she feels powerless.

Hours, where internal or external experiences do, that life feels like a struggle. Something invincible and sometimes unbearable.

This kind of powerlessness, mixed with any hormonal changes and a general 'knoklen' for, To understand the emerging life, er ikke not.

If one adds to challenges such as unstable home conditions, and other trauma to the, is powerlessness often a constant, and urgent companion. Noget, the details of which is a vital necessity, rather than a state. Noget, which is enforced and that may seem impossible, to get around.

Many girls in this situation can find at, to try different forms of self-control, for it is human, to need some kind of control. This udmønstrer himself among others. in self-harm - physical and mental – or damage by other. Untenable and even more disruptive behavior, as does the opposite of, what girls want themselves.

In our modern tech world, udmønstrer it also online. With a camera at your fingertips, and a whole world to see,, can torment Ministry continue. Powerless Unit disseminated in a misguided attempt, to have some kind of control. This is done in desperation and impotence, and is a version of peeing in your pants for, keeping warm.

It's here, where to put in and show girls, how powerful they actually are.

 With technology can power (gen)won

In the same powerless world, with the same technology, can any girl take power back over his life. Not to self-harm or exhibition, but as a means of communication.
any girl, which is an active user rather than passive consumers, can create his own world of technology, and it only requires a conscious choice, to get started. Nothing else.
Any girl can regain power over his own tale, and every girl - regardless of position - can do this with the technology by their hand.

through pictures, text or video to their stories disseminated in formats such as DE determines. formats, not dictated by unfortunate circumstances or other people's stories about, who they are.
through design, be it through code or graphics, they can shape the world for the, they wish.

 Even creation rather than self-harm

The possibilities of technology are endless, and by giving girls the knowledge and opportunity, to utilize this, get the power back over parts of their lives.

Their situations do not disappear. The same trauma, hormones, stupid parents, unfaithful lovers and moronic friends nor.

It's not about, to obtain these portions disappear, for it is not a power any of us have. but by, to shape his world with its own expression, you can make a forskel.Ikke just for themselves, but also for other.

All it takes is awareness and opportunity. Additionally, it is three clicks on YouTube, to find a video that can get you started with coding, graphic, design, 3On Sat, billed- or video editing and everything else.

Girls playing a major role in the future development of technology, and if they have learned to take power and create their own world, they will certainly contribute.

 We can not prevent but we can prevent

We can not stop girls from, feel powerless. We can not prevent, the need for control makes some girls to self. We can not yet prevent, that girls in many respects be regarded as worth less, fragile, preyed, appliances and much more.

We CAN and MUST give the girls access to the tools, which can give them the power back in some format, and here is the technology the obvious solution.

As a child and young computer was largely my 'rescue' from a life, which was rarely simple.

the possibility of, to find peace in writing my experiences and inner stories down or, to go on 'vacation' in fantasiverdnerne, as the games gave me, gave me an expression and a unique creative opportunity.

Later it was, to draw and paint digitally, code websites and create in 3D, a way for me to regain control over fractions of my life.

 A healthy choice rather unhealthy reageren

It did not stop me from, to do inappropriate things digital as well as analog, but it gave me a free space, when I had control. healthy control.

If I had not had the space, I was not where I am today. With technology and the digital revolution, I got the power over my life - my expression.

Let's show the girls, how powerful they are.

All the girls, who want to change the world - be it their own or others - can do it. They can start today! There is desperate need them in our common future, and all deserve a good future.