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Jewelbots, Your new tech-girlfriend bracelet

Jewelsbots is a code bracelet -which is started as a Kickstarter project. The bracelet allows you to code the LEDs and buzzer built into the bracelet. I have gotten…

Peak app’en – shake summer dust of the brain

So wake DigiPippi up from the summer lull, and we start off by throwing yet more videos for you than before! Or – we throw them at you one at a…

Wix's 1 – make a quick website

Websites are finding all places! You are guaranteed to more of them every day, and right now you're also on a. There are many different types: blogs,…

Snapchat app

Unless you've lived under a rock for a decade, do you know Snapchat. At least in name. The use can be a completely different, and to get…

Learn to use Kahoot – of the 1

Kahoot is English and means, that you work closely with someone, or conspire against other.
The last is probably most appropriate in the quiz section, where you can get points depending on, how quickly and accurately you answer.

iMovie – video editing on iPad with Anna and Mille

One of the most used features on a tablet, is video editing. Simply because it is – tadaaa – easy! Make any video on an entire production…

3 good reasons to play Minecraft

If you have not heard of Minecraft, you've probably been living on another planet in a few years. Today there are not many children and young people, There's not…

Learn how to use Instagram – of the 1

You know enough Instagram, but do you know how to use it?
Here, the Andrea you, how to get started 1 a small part of the video series.
The video was originally shown in DigiPippi TV section 1

Dubsmash – say it with video

Sometimes text just is not enough, and so it is fortunate that there are video!
The app Dubsmash makes it easy to make a video, where you mimes to great music. Exactly the number you want, with the decorations you will.
Here Nadia shows how the app works.

Christmas card with app Christmassy

It is never too late to make a Christmas card! And you have a cool picture, a little time and imagination, you can easily use the app Christmassy. Here tells Mathilde on, how…

Color with the app Christmas Coloring

The’ jul, the’ cried… There should be little color on, and the app Christmas Coloring is designed for just that! As the digital coloring book, app now even, you may have…

Hour of Code – Code with Frost

Want to try that program? Hour of Code is a good place to start, and here tells Catrine about Kod with Frost. The video is made for DigiPippi TV section 2…

7 good advice to keep a good tone on the net

Hi girls My name is Miriam, and I work as Community Manager at the newspaper BT. You may know BT because your parents read it - either in paper form…

Cosy Halloween pumpkins in 3D

So it is Halloween, and I must just have a little to amuse yourselves with 🙂 Here I show, how you can create a cozy pumpkins in 3D.  

3D from the bottom: Multicolor object

After last week's article about 3D from scratch, we talked about rendering with Cycles, and you are now ready for this week's task: Making a multicolored object! It sounds…

3D from the bottom: Rendering med cycles

In the last article, you learned about, how to make a house a single square. Now you need to learn, how to make an even more impressive image. For that, we…

Leather: Transferring pictures

You have a camera or a mobile phone.
You have a computer.
You must have images onto this computer.
One way to do that is by, using a cable!

3D from the bottom: 1 square 1 House

Last week, you learned, how you made a house out of several objects. Today you learn, how to do it with only 1 square. It is one of…

App: Brain Dots

Want to play a game, that really gets your brain in time?
As fun and mega annoying? So you need to play Brain Dots!
We showed first played in DigiPippi TV section 1.

3D from the bottom: Color and rendering

Since we ended last week, you had a house. Well done! Now it's about time, that we give the house color and make it into a picture you…