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Since 2015 the association has DigiPippi work on making technology fun and accessible to girls.

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DigiPippi is first and foremost a technology association for girls between 7 and 13 years, which started in 2015.

With us, technology is always secondary and girls' interests, well-being and self-confidence first. Using female role models, we work to show everyone that girls are just as tough to technology as the boys.

We do this through leisure activities such as workshops and clubs. See more below what we make. Participating girls are all sorts of girls, regardless of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds.

We work alongside to influence the agenda and knowledge on gender equality in technology. This is done as speakers, consultants, experts, and more.
Since 2018 we have been Best Practice from the EU Institute for Gender Equality EIGE.

Why only women?

Worldwide, the proportion of women and girls with technological commitment, in addition to consumption, unfortunately very low. There are many reasons and one of them is NOT that they have no desire or interest. By creating a safe and secure community girls and women from, we've successfully created especially confidence in the girls' own technological capabilities.

For fast reading in this area refer to the following. Reports:

Behind the association

The association is the heart of the child pins and chairperson Eva Dentist, and moderated daily by the working board.

Read more about the start-up and the tanker behind here.

DigiPippis lifeblood is the almost 70 volunteers role models. Women who all love technology, but have different backgrounds.

And the name? It is of course inspired by the world's coolest girl Pippi Longstocking, whose motto is: I've never tried before, so I can certainly find out!

Read more about our vision, Articles of Associationand download a presentation here.

Our main activities are workshops and club for girls in the country.

We keep about 30 2-4 hour workshops a year, and began in February 2019 two test clubs respectively. Svendborg and Aarhus. By the end of 2019 we have planned two more.

The items are a constant mix of relevant topics within the girls' interests and technology. Such as Learn to be YouTuber, 3D design, Robots and coding mm. All technologies considered in order to give the girls the best opportunities.

From summer 2019, we also enable teenage girls in our new Junior role model project. Here are girls from 15 to 20 years.

You can participate in DigiPippi in 3 different ways: As a participant, role model or optional

as a girl in our audience, and sometimes as their mother / aunt / grandmother like, you can come up with for our workshops by buying a ticket through our webshop. See the calendar here.
You can also join our clubs when a new season starts. Read more here.

as a woman with an interest in technology, communication and digital equality, you can become a part of our cool network of role models. Role models are the only ones who have contact with the girls in the association. Read more here.

All otherWho wants to participate in the development of DigiPippi can become a volunteer in the association. Contact us If you would like to bid!

Yes! We will be happy with a workshop, a lecture or as consultants.

We hired mostly by libraries from Solrød Silkeborg, municipalities and educational institutions, as well as festivals and projects.

Contact us to learn more.

Locally, nationally and internationally, we have a wide range of partners!

Without them, it was not possible to make DigiPippi. Here are some of them




Will you be one of our partners? Please contact us. You can also downloads are available here.

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