Learn to be YouTuber 16-6-19 KBH

Are you a girl between eight and 14 years who love to make videos and movies or want to get started, then you must help DigiPippis Learn to be YouTuber workshop!

Mother and daughter tech Brunch

Mother and daughter tech Brunch 5/26/19

Take your daughter / niece / sister / granddaughter between 5 and 14 years in his hand, and came to common socialize and play with all sorts of technologies. No prior experience necessary 🙂 Just interest …

Kreatech Odense – interactive lights

Interactive lamps Are you curious about the technology and would you like to try and make your own lamp? Come and join us so we can create unique lamps, …

Kreatech Odense – Stop motion

Storytelling with stop motion Do you have a small film director in the stomach? Would you like you to make your own movies, you can decide the story? Then come to the workshop …