The large DigiPippi Weekend

On 2 and 3 February 2019 was a great DigiPippi Weekend!

Association DigiPippi had for the first time events in four different places in the country. Besides “Learn to be a YouTuber” in Copenhagen, there was Kick-off events at our three new sites – Odense, Aarhus and Svendborg.

“I've never tried before, so it'll do for sure!”
Not surprisingly, showed the girls that the course was super cool to tech!

– Mother / Daughter Brunch in Aarhus 3 February 2019

“Learn to be youtuber” event in Copenhagen

Saturday, February 2 started the weekend with events in Copenhagen and Odense. In Copenhagen on Enigma the girls were gathered for the familiar Learn to be YouTuber. 15 girls were assembled and deeply concentrated in working with how they could have converted his idea for a film. Upcoming events in Copenhagen you can find her. # DigiPippiSjælland

LAVY 02.02.19 Enigma
The girls are preparing their films
Recordings started

Kick-off in Odense

In Odense gathered 15 girls and their mothers for Mother / Daughter Brunch which was also a kick-off to our office in Odense. There they played with various robots, 3D and animations at the premises of ESoft. Our friends technology Pact came in the company of TV2Fyn who made a fine feature on the event. Odense already has several events planned for spring – HE her. #DigiPippiOdense

Mother & daughter Tech brunch in Århus and new club

Sunday, February 3 was so Aarhus and Svendborg trip. In Aarhus were 11 girls gathered for Mother daughter tech brunch into the middle of Aarhus in Ubers rooms. There were both playing with Hopspots, Scratch and various robots. In the future, you can sign up to a Digipippi club in Aarhus, where you meet every other week and playing with technology. Registration and further information about the club getting at here.

Selfietid! With all the amazing participants DigiPippi tech brunch in Aarhus
The girls scrambled in Scratch and interest was so much awakened!
Only the imagination limits when to tell stories using Hopspots. Amongst other things jumped stories about King dinosaur who found a new friend and hedgehog, which lost its spikes of dread.

Kick-off at DigiPippi's new club in Svendborg

In Svendborg will in future also DigiPippi club every other Wednesday. Sunday, February 3 met 20 girls and their mothers up to kick-off event at Byhaveskolen. There were played with different robots and other creative technologies. Our role model Hanne Vilhelmsen was netradio Diablo last week and talk about Digipippi club in Svendborg that you hear here.

To sign up for the club in Svendborg you can go in here. They start already on Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

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