DigiPippi is not an attempt to create a technology-feminism

Who is DigiPippi?

DigiPippi is a digital and social community for girls between 7 and 13 years who want to learn about technology, IT and digital opportunities - on their own terms!

DigiPippi was created by Eva Fog, chairwoman and founder of DigiPippi, and the project lies very close to her heart. During her many years as a tech geek, as well as pedagogue and digital educator, she saw how the opportunities to embrace the digital are very different from boys to girls. She also saw (fortunately!) how it could be changed. After addressing the need for change for some time and without seeing any, she decided to take the matters into her own hands. And that is how “DigiPippi” came to life on a summer’s day in July, 2015. DigiPippi is not an attempt to create a “technology-feminism” but rather an aim to look at the habits and interactions between girls and their role models in order to create new ways to introduce the girls to technology. DigiPippi is based on educational principles which praise diversity and which make it possible for the girls to learn to see themselves as they are: Strong, resourceful and talented tech-girls! That is what DigiPippi is all about! – . – . – . – . Check out this video talk about the story of DigiPippi for more info.


What do we do? And how do we reach the girls? Watch this video to learn more


DigiPippi is not only a community, but also the name of the project mascot. She is an 11 year old 3D generated girl. She is like most girls: sometimes sweet and funny other times angry and moody. Some days she likes flowers and glitter and others days she refuses to get her hair brushed or finish her meals. She plays football with her brother or play X-factor with her friends. DigiPippi is a regular girl. Not a geek, not especially “girly” or “boyish”, but a girl who likes technology. She will follow the girls everywhere and she will become more and more interactive with time. She has a profile on this website so the girls can add her as a friend, if they wish to.
All girls can become free members of DigiPippi, as a member you DigiPippis newsletter & a lot of tips & tricks in IT, tech, games, youtube mm. Adults can become a pay support members of DigiPippi. Parents, aunts, uncles, aunts and all other tech interested adults may be paying DigiPippi support member. Support members help to a future with better opportunities for girls and IT.


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