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Med mindre du har boet under en sten i et årti, kender du Snapchat. I hvert fald af navn. Brugen kan være en helt anden, og det med at komme

Learn to use Kahoot – from 1

Kahoot is English and means to work closely with someone or rat each other.
The last thing is probably most appropriate in the quiz section where you can get points depending on how fast and correct you answer.

DigiPippi visiting GGFestival 2016

Saturday d. 16/1 visited three of DigiPippis reporters LAN GGFestival in Ballerup Super Arena. Here were a bunch of cool girls interviewed about why they were there, they Gamede and …

DigiPippi TV 8: Digital drawing special

I can promise you that the girls have been good, and therefore the first section packed to the brim! The entire 41 minutes of TV it has become as you are invited back into my office,

Learn how to use Instagram – 1 (2016)

You probably know Instagram, but do you know how to use it?
Here Andrea shows you how to get started with 1 part of a small video series.
Videoen er oprindelig vist i DigiPippi TV afsnit 1