DigiPippi turns five years old

DigiPippi turns 5 years old! Join the digital celebration.

On September 1, 2015, the association DigiPippi was launched. After 3 months of intense work, a mission began as if in a very short time turns 5 years old!

The association started as a wish from founder and forwoman Eva Fog to even out the gender gap that has existed in technology for far too many years.

“I have spent most of my life finding my way as a female who likes technology. It has been very motley to say the least. I have encountered an incredible number of prejudices.

ITWatch january 2019

Based on a broad background as a self-taught IT nerd and Rydolf Steiner educator, the foundation for DigiPippi was laid at an SFO in Frederiksberg.

"After a while, I got tired of the girls crawling around along the panels and saying, 'This is not for me.' Or who tried and just backed out when the boys in their zeal took over, "

Berlin March 2020

A lot has happened since the first baby steps. Well helped by Reach for Change the organization, which throughout the years has stood as a mentor and support with their socio-economic incubator.

Since 2019, our amazing supporters and partners have played a huge role in enabling us to continue our mission and work.


A different celebration

In this COVID19 pandemic world, the celebration unfortunately has to take a different form than originally planned. Therefore, friends, partners and role models are invited to digital toast Saturday 29.8 at 13: 30-14 on Zoom. This is a direct extension of this year's general meeting.

Registration is done using the contact form below. Remember to write the correct e-mail address, as the details will be sent via the subsequent.

For further information, contact us via kontakt@digipippi.dk

Registration for 5 years celebration

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