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Why DigiPippi?

DigiPippis mission is to equalize the gender gap in IT, technology and digitization – the girls' premises. We are dedicated to all girls, regardless of ethnic, economic and social background, should have free access to learn and play with technologies at leisure. We do this through our many events and workshops and clubs. We also use visible female role models that show the girls that IT and technology also for girls.

About DigiPippi

DigiPippi is a digital and social community for girls between 7 and 13 years who want to learn about technology, IT and digital opportunities - on their own terms! DigiPippi …

Become a role model

Become a role model in DigiPippi What a role model? Role models make a difference order to understand the importance of role models, it is good to look back to your childhood. We have …

Become a Junior Role model

Calling young women between 15 and 20 years! Become a volunteer junior role model in DigiPippi and help us with that low tech / gaming / digital content for the girls

How you can support

Without our many fantastic DigiPippi girls, Role models, Supporting Members, Sponsors and Partners we would not exist. As a supporting member helps you to a future with better opportunities for girls and IT.

Female Member

Are you girl and under 18, stay DigiPippi girl today and become a part of our community of girls who would like to learn more about IT and tech. It is free for all girls under 18.

Supporting Member

Do you think that it's really cool what we're doing, and you also want to strengthen girls' self-confidence, knowledge and skills in IT and tech, become a supporting member today. It costs only 300kr per year.


Optional amount
Give a donation of your choice and be the girls' and our brand. This puts you completely even amount. Without the support and donations we can not make a difference. Thanks!


Here you can view upcoming events and workshops as DigiPippi organizes. Here we will also try to post the events that we otherwise is to do with external partners, or otherwise participate.

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Want to work with us as a partner or sponsor, please feel free to contact us at kontakt@digipippi.dk. Same goes if you you want or suggestions for more events.

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