The first Digi Pippi arrangement

DigiPippi mother / daughter Tech brunch at Enigma

Role model Sophie helps to connect Sphero robots

DigiPippi Mother / Daughter Brunch Tech is one of the association's most popular concepts. There is great demand for tickets and many return again and again. It was no exception January 20, 2019 we held the first event for our good partner Enigma.

The goal of such a day is to have fun in each other company while we are playing with technology. It must be said that we came into port with yesterday! Both mothers, grandmothers and of course the girls enjoyed themselves while that was run robots around, taken on Virtual rollercoaster rides, encoded and produced fantastic stop motion film.

Role model Josefine roads leader in building props for stop motion movie

5 of our fantastic role models assisted with technology when there was a need for it and enjoyed themselves as much as the others in the room.

We have been allowed to share some of the fine films like the girls produced and hope that others may be inspired to come up with the next DigiPippi event.

The first weekend in February we have events both on Zealand, Funen and Jutland!
Learn to be YouTuber in Copenhagen February 2, 2019
DigiPippi Launch i Odense February 2, 2019
– Mother / daughter Tech brunch in Aarhus (Remember that you both need to buy a ticket for an adult and one girl) 3 February 2019
DigiPippi Launch in Svendborg February 3, 2019

So there should be an arrangement for most in all parts of the country.

2 thoughts on “The first Digi Pippi arrangement

  1. Stefan tribe Reply

    Super cool concept! Are boys welcome? I would like to send one of my boys and his mother if he is welcome. If it does not fit into the concept, then I will hear you on whether you know the alternatives? (We are from Aarhus, and my Drenger 5 years)

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