Order on initiatives to promote gender equality

(The right to undertake gender equality promotion initiatives without a derogation)

Pursuant to § 3, paragraph. 2 and § 6 of the Law on equality of women and men, cf. Consolidated Act no. 1527 of December 19, 2004, as amended by § 7 of Law no. 574 of 24 June 2005 and by Law no. 452 of 22. May 2006, § 13 paragraph. 3 of the Act on equal treatment of men and women in employment, etc. cf. Consolidated Act 734 of 28 June 2006:

§ 1.Employers, governments and organizations to initiate pilot and development initiatives for a period of up to two years to attract the underrepresented sex. It is a prerequisite for launching initiatives that one sex is represented with 25% or less of the area and that the underrepresented sex is not on recruitment and admission to qualifying education priority.

§ 2. It is allowed to establish courses or training activities of up to 6 months for one sex, if the purpose is to promote equality of women and men and promoting women's and men's equal access to employment, education and management.

PCS. 2ndNotwithstanding Equality Act § 2 and equal treatment Act § 6 are allowed to advertise for a particular sex to rates established by paragraph. First

§ 3.Notwithstanding the provision of equal treatment Act § 6 is allowed in ads that encourage the underrepresented sex to seek employment and skills training, etc. This can occur, for example when associated with advertising and in tender documents to invite the underrepresented sex to apply for participation in the trial and development initiatives.

PCS. 2nd The prerequisite for an appeal under subsection. 1 is that the ad, tender documents etc. designed in such a way that all applicants have a regular access to search or participate. It must appear from the advertisement, etc. That the underrepresented sex is not in employment or admission to qualifying education priority.

§ 4.If the responsible minister is aware of initiatives taken or planned by §§ 1-3 and does not promote and will promote equality between women and men, or which otherwise do not follow this decree criteria for the initiatives, the responsible minister may decide that initiative should be discontinued or may not be implemented. Before the decision is taken, the responsible minister may ask the organizer to explain in detail the initiative's content, purpose and any practical effect.

§ 5. The explanations provided by ministries, municipalities and regions to draw up every two years according to §§ 5 and 5a in the Equality Act, shall contain information on their initiatives launched under §§ 1-4.

§ 6.It is permitted to establish teams and teaching. for one gender in sport, including swimming, etc. This applies to private associations and in public administration.

§ 7.Order comes into force on 25 April 2007 with effect from 15 April 2007.

Copenhagen, April 10, 2007

Eva Kjer Hansen
Minister for Equality

/ Vibeke Abel

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