Grant for the development of DigiPippi Academy

DigiPippi is developing rapidly and would like to retain even more girls' enthusiasm for IT and technology in the future. The association is one of our focus to improve opportunities for training and education of our role models.

At Technology Pact they have a special focus area – namely to get more women in STEM subjects, and thereby solve a problem of lack of manpower in the industry. This has Technology Pact chosen to meet and decided to support projects and initiatives to capture the girls' interest in technology.

“Therefore, there is need to expand the talent pool and the activities undertaken so that the proper role models, relationships and opportunities arise for girls and women become interested in STEM subjects and the potential to influence the world around us, as STEM skills provides.” – Technology Pact, February 5, 2020

In light of this, Technology Pact now chosen to support DigiPippi as initiative and project. The association has been granted DKK 250,000 to be used for increased DigiPippi Academy.

DigiPippi Academy is a learning platform to create opportunities for our role models and external trainers to become certified in DigiPippi method, which is a specific pedagogical method of teaching in IT and technology of 7-13 year old girls.

The Association is very grateful to have received this grant from Technology Pact, and for now that could create new opportunities for better training and education for our cool role models!

2 thoughts on “Grant for the development of DigiPippi Academy

  1. Tina Hellum Reply

    As a slightly older “girl” 70s vintage that was on to figure out everything inside the computers when they came out, but as time has stood entirely on the technical and today I am almost gone completely off fashion when I have to put myself in an illogical built smartphone . But I can see the possibilities and thought I've got something quite right. And so to my question.

    10-inch fingers – my daughter Sally 12 years old by the way, got a huge one at that – thinking it has something to do with the Chinese phenomenon…. many were the “mutated” their after too much pet robot. Something as basic as having a focus on the good old 10 finger system. Yes, to get it taught as soon as possible, because then a lot of work well done faster and can “think” through fingers then becomes very much easier and I also believe that to ergonomically move all fingers are healthier than “clobber” loose with pegefingerne. Is it something you have on the program? I got it after all learned the trade school ETB subjects, but they could just as well learn it now?

  2. Eva Fog Reply

    Hello Tina,
    No – we do not have that. Immediately it is not the kind we're dealing with.
    Our work is about generating interest in technology by using the girls' interests.

    Mvh Eva

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