DigiPippi nominated in the Great Society in 2017

Actually it's not quite a novelty anymore.

The nomination came for more than a month ago, but it was somehow first real as yesterday we had a visit from TV2 Lorry for filming promo video for our nomination.

Out of over 300 submitted associations, we are among the 20 lucky finalists, and we are really happy.

If we win, we get 100 000 kr, which will fall on a very dry place. They would be used for equipment. Eg. tablets, robots and a 3D printer, but also to offer cheap or free education.

Right now we are still dependent on the girls bring their own things or that we can borrow equipment. This makes it difficult for those without means and opportunities, and of course, all the girls have the chance!

It is only in August or September, to be voted, but we are already looking forward.

See pictures from the shooting day here


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