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DigiPippi School is offered to girls from 2nd to 7th grade, where DigiPippis role models in collaboration with school teachers, focusing on raising girls' digital and technical understanding. All at the girls' own terms.

Based on prior agreement with the involved schools and teachers, created a course to suit desired focus areas and fagmål. We use the technology that already exists at the school or in the municipality, as we want to support those initiatives already underway or required launched.

DigiPippi School is NOT an externally consulting-led workshop to come, a teacher and then go again. Our goal is that it lives on after DigiPippi go home. Therefore DigiPippi School is not just an 'upgrade' of the girls, but an offer which also gives teachers a technical and digital skills upgrade.
When we have taught the girls over the course we encourage that subsequent teach their schoolmates and possible. teachers.

After completing the workshop course receives girls diplomas, and can call themselves DigiPippi girls.

DigiPippi School course include:

  • Individually organized workshop of 5 × 3 hours
  • Teaching by 2 DigiPippi role models
  • Digital and technological lift of the participating girls
  • Skill enhancement for instrumental teachers
  • Complete package with the used teaching materials for dissemination at school
  • Diploma ceremony with t-shirt for the participating girls
  • The right to call itself DigiPippi School

For a quote for your school, contact us at or call chairperson and pins Eva Fog tel .: 20215121st

DigiPippi School


At Dagmar school we put a lot of our students are digitally generated, to be creative producers, not just consumers in the digital world. DigiPippi project helps to support this, while girls in fourth year in a educational course have a good experience.
D. March 18, we had a visit from DigiPippi Silkeborg libraries. 25 expectant girls between 8 and 14 years attended the "Learn to be YouTuber". DigiPippi equivalent to three adult role models and a girl the same age as our participants. The whole process was super well organized with a short introduction and then worked the girls into groups of producing their own films. There was both time to work with content in fimene and to play with different tricks in the editing phase. The pedagogical skills of role models was top notch.
Karen Nørby
Librarian, Silkeborg Bibliotekene