DigiPippis vision

Its aim is to provide girls aged 7 to 13 years, a digital platform and activities whose primary purpose is to generate interest and convey knowledge of engineering, IT and digital media (the TID) by voluntary female role models.
The vision is comprehensive:

  • To make girls independent and conscious users as well as consumers
  • Giving them tools and learning opportunities that are based on their learning profiles
  • Working with giving girls and women positive self-images according to TIME
  • To encourage debate on girls' role in TIME
  • To back up and create relevant materials addressed to girls in relation to TIME

DigiPippis vision for the first year

  • To offer at least one appropriate course for the girls
  • Making social analogue gatherings between girls and role models 2 times a year
  • To create public debate on girls' access to TIME
  • To just one girl feel better prepared than she did before DigiPippi

DigiPippis vision for 2nd year

  • To offer relevant courses for girls 2-4 times a year, distributed nationwide
  • To publish and sell the relevant material on TID with the girls as a target group
  • To achieve financial independence through the sale of memberships and courses, as well as recovery of funds
  • Scoring analog social gatherings between the girls and role models 2-4 times a year
  • At least 10 girls feel better prepared than she did before DigiPippi

DigiPippis 5 year vision

  • To spread DigiPippi to Scandinavia
  • To become a major player in the development of girls' introduction to TIME
  • To change the stereotype of society of women in TIME

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