PRESSRELEASE: Let the girls come to the technology

Coolest girl club comes to Fyn!

Association DigiPippi will from the first weekend in February 2019 intensify insert that get more girls interested in technology - on their terms. This happens in Odense in collaboration with tech company esoft and in Svendborg with Byhaveskolen.

Since 2015 the association has DigiPippi working to help girls in aged 7 to 13 years and young women, to capture the interest of technology. A problem in Denmark, inter alia, have been found in the lack of female students in universities and employees in IT companies. McKinsey and Innovation Foundation Report of 2018[2] and Undervisningsminksteriets report 2017 [3]has very clearly identified that the problem starts early, which is backed by a forthcoming study by Microsoft and think tank DEA.[4]

In Svendborg will Byhaveskolen future be home to Denmark's first DigiPippi club where the girls along with the association's female volunteers - called role models - each Wednesday in just weeks can socialize with technology in a fun and different way.

Odense is home for monthly workshops under the title KREATECH will focus on the creative and innovative in technology. Just In DigiPippis spirit.

"In DigiPippi is technology secondary," says founder and chairwoman Eva Fog. "For us it's about to get his confidence and interest in the girls, so they can see a meaning in their lives. We start with the girls' interests and helps them then to 'hack' them digitally. "

Until now DigiPippi offered individual events and school programs, where the items are all from YouTube of 3D printing, for Stop Motion and coding.

DigiPippi Funen team leader Pauline Fredskilde has been a volunteer role model in DigiPippi through a few years before she undertook the task as coordinator of Funen. "As I see it, it is important that Fyn appears as forgangsbillede for the rest of the country. We already have one of the best IT cities, and it is obvious that we start DigiPippi community up in Odense and Svendborg Also Funen girls have the opportunity to be creative with the technology. "

Contact Info

Eva Fog
Founder and chairwoman DigiPippi
Tel 20215121

Pauline Fredskilde
DigiPippi Team Leader Fyn
Tel 31121808

Hanne Vilhelmsen
Club manager DigiPippi Svendborg
Tel +4524603061

Michael Sloth
CIO esoft


DigiPippi logo

Atmosphere Image from extending, internal photographer

upcoming events

Launch Event Odense at esoft 02/02/19 from 10-13

Launch Event Svendborg 02/03/19 from 10-13

[1] Named by EIGE - European Equal Status - 2018




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