DigiPippi in DR Ultra (archive)

So you with as Bubber tried to bribe #digipippi 'mother’ @paedagonok and her fellow judges @comkean and Eske with code cookies on @dr_ultra the # thegamejam2016 at @codingpirates? Otherwise see on DR.dk/ultra, where you can also see #digipippipiger in action!

The role model Sølvi Domsten in the field of 3D (archive)

One of my finest work is to update the otherwise traditional teaching in woodwork and needlework, as the renamed Crafts and Design. Here I am with Real Dream in Kolding to talk about 3Dprint and digital craftsmanship. And the kids love it 😎😀#digipippi # craft design # 3d_design #makerbot # 3Dprint

The role model Mia Meldgaard helps GEEK (archive)

The whole last week I was on an amazing trip with GEEK from DR. Here it remained at Kool Coding with #microbit and all 5. Classes in Lyngby-Taarbæk. We had a party m the code SP or K machines. Girlfriend-Generator etc. Still have upturn of the 🙂

New on Instagram: About female role models

Just a late night shot out for another role model here from Sweden's higher altitudes ✈️DK's Computer Science uncrowned queen Susanne Cooper 💻👸🏻. She is the ultimate in IT / HCI research and really cool. We were probably 15 people from @aarhusuni to the conference – her and I as the only women 😳. Once there (yet) more women in IT research, so it is good to have someone to look up to. Another is of course my cool and inspiring tutor @lonekoefoed as always dare to do IT research different and was one of the reasons I even pondered a PhD in his time ✌🏼️ // Marie Louise 💕💻💕