22-9-19 Learn to be YouTuber Oesterbro


Ticket to DigiPippis popular workshop Learn to be YouTuber 22-9-19

We are ready with another round of our popular workshop! So girls between 8 and 14 years – you should not be with?

Are you a girl who loves making videos and movies or want to get started, then you must help DigiPippis Learn to be YouTuber workshop!
Today, many a YouTube channel - or wants one - but there is a big difference whether it is interesting or not! We will help you 🙂

Remember - it's ONLY for the girls. Parents can not join us, but we promise to take good care of them!

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In three hours we will teach you to create videos that others want to look at. Whether they're by yourself or by others.
We also help you to think about what you put in a video, for it is not all that is great to look at later. We also talk a bit about it there with, to put something online, and therefore we have gathered advice from YouTubers you may already know.
You get the help of a bunch of tough women - role models from DigiPippi - who all know a lot about art and video.

You shall

– have a charged mobile phone or tablet, as well as installing the app Video Shop, located on http://videoshop.net/

– have an idea of ​​what you want to do video on before you come. What videos you may even like to see?

– fill out a small questionnaire in advance, so we know what you can and who you possibly. come along with.
– it is sent by mail to your parents.
– remember lunch

We make sure that
- you get a good group of cute girls
- you come in group with possibly. girlfriends who join
- is a fun and enjoyable day
We do not have a YouTube channel for you. What you need to talk to your parents.
The price for the three hours is ONLY 300 kr.

today's program
10: 00-10: 30 are intro and welcome. Summary of Video Shop
10:30 – 12:00 – Idea development, storyboard, filming and editing
12: 00-12: 30 - Breakfast
12: 30-13: 00 - Finishing Touches / Show your video (parents are welcome) and diploma
13:00 - Farewell 🙂

NOTE! The price which included 12 month membership DigiPippi Club for Girls


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