The DigiPippi Way – how I ended up founding DigiPippi

This is the manuscript for a talk I gave in Vilnius on November 24th., 2017. I was invited by the Reach for Change Organization in Lituania to participate in a conference about changing children’s lives and how to make system changes. I was asked to talk about how I came to create DigiPippi and thereby started to change the system. It became quite a personal talk about how my life through good and bad lead me to a place where the chance for change was possible.

Anonymt sponsorat! (arkiv)

Wohoooo! Foreningen DigiPippi har fået 3000 kr af en anonym sponsor <3! Og vi er simpelthen så glade 😀 Det giver os nemlig den smule frihed det kræver, at komme godt …